Tenants FAQ

There are a lot of questions that you may have about renting and Bruck Property Management. Here are some answer to general questions. If you need more specifics, please feel free to ask.

Can Bruck Property Management enter my home at any time?

Unless there is an emergency, we will never enter your home without your prior knowledge. If a home inspection is to be done, we will notify you in advance. When you are leaving and the home is available for showings, we will work out with your times for showings. Your home is your home, so rest assured.

Is smoking allowed?

No. Smoking is not allowed in any property managed by Bruck Realty Management.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed on a case-by-case basis. Each owner of a property has different requirements and Homeowner Associations may have limitations on what type of pet is allowed. This will all be covered when you apply and will be in your lease. Pet deposits may be required as well. Bruck Property Management does not make pet policies.

When will I receive my security deposit back when my lease ends?

We will get your security deposit back to you as soon as possible, usually within 30 days. Your home must be in the same condition as when you started your lease, minus normal wear, and tear.

As a member of the military, what happens if I get transferred?

Bruck Property Management leases are governed by the Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act (VRLTA) which accommodates transfers for those serving in our nation’s armed forces. For more info, please reference VRLTA Section 55-248.21.1.

Who takes care of the lawn and the flower gardens?

You as the tenant take care of the lawn cutting, flower beds. mulching, and general maintenance. Treat the property as if you were the owner. Changes to landscaping will have to be pre-approved. Some properties may include lawn and garden maintenance.

What happens with the utilities?

You are responsible for getting the utilities in your name. We will provide the service providers for your utilities. You must keep them on until your lease has ended.

Can I make changes/improvements to the home?

You must get pre-approval before doing so. Bruck Property Management will contact the owner on your behalf for approval.

What happens if something breaks, or gets damaged?

We understand that sometimes things break, need repair, and get damaged. Contact Bruck Property Management and we will access the issue and get someone to repair/replace the damage.

What maintenance am I responsible for while in my lease?

You are to maintain the home in the same condition as so when you signed the lease. Bruck Property Management will provide HVAC filters that you are required to replace every three months. We will send you reminder when it is time to replace. Maintain the property as if you were the owner.